How To Get Indian Visa For Netherlands Citizens & When Does the 30 Day Indian eVisa Expire?

Are you a Netherlands citizen planning to travel to India soon? If yes, then you need to read this article! Here, we will be discussing how to get Indian visa for Netherlands citizens and when does the 30-day Indian eVisa expire. We will also provide helpful tips on what documents you need to have in order and what fees must be paid in order to successfully obtain your Indian visa. Read on now to find out more! INDIAN VISA FOR NETHERLANDS CITIZENS


If you are a Netherlands citizen and wish to travel to India, you will need to obtain a visa before doing so. The process for getting an Indian visa for Netherlands citizens is relatively simple, and can be completed online. In most cases, your visa will be valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

When planning your trip to India, it is important to keep in mind that your visa will expire after 60 days. Therefore, you should make sure to leave plenty of time for travel within the country before your visa expires. Additionally, if you plan on staying in India for more than 60 days, you will need to apply for a different type of visa.

Documents Required for Applying Indian Visa

If you are a Netherlands citizen and you want to apply for an Indian visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

-A valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity and at least two blank pages.

-An officially authorized photograph that meets all the requirements specified by the Indian government.

-Proof of onward or return travel, such as a flight itinerary or confirmed hotel reservation. WHEN DOES 30 DAYS INDIAN EVISA EXPIRE

-A completed and signed Indian visa application form. You can download this form from the website of the Indian embassy or consulate where you will be applying for your visa.

-Any other documents required by the particular Indian embassy or consulate, such as a business letter of invitation if you are planning to visit India for business purposes.

Types of Indian Visas

The first step in getting an Indian visa is to determine which type of visa you need. There are several types of Indian visas, each with its own requirements and restrictions.

The most common type of visa for travel to India is the tourist visa. This visa allows you to stay in India for up to six months and can be obtained from most Indian embassies and consulates. If you plan to stay longer than six months or intend to visit for business or other purposes, you will need to apply for a different type of visa.

Other types of visas include the business visa, student visa, work visa, and journalist visa. Each of these visas has different requirements, so be sure to research the requirements before applying.

How to Apply for an Indian Visa?

If you are a Netherlands citizen and you want to apply for an Indian visa, there are a few things that you need to know. First, you will need to fill out an online application. You will need to provide your personal information as well as your travel itinerary. Once you have submitted your application, you will need to pay the visa fee. You can pay the visa fee with a credit card or with a bank transfer. After you have paid the fee, you will need to print out the confirmation page and submit it, along with your passport, to the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the Netherlands. The processing time for an Indian visa is usually about 4-5 weeks.

What is the 30 Day India eVisa?

The 30 Day India eVisa is an electronic visa that allows eligible citizens of Netherlands to enter and travel within India for business, tourism, or medical purposes. The visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance, and permits multiple entries into India. Citizens of Netherlands must apply for the visa online through the official website of the Government of India, and must have a valid passport and credit card to complete the application process. After the application is submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email with their eVisa attached; travelers must print out their eVisa and present it upon arrival in India.


We hope that this article was able to provide a comprehensive overview of how Netherlands citizens can get an Indian eVisa. We also wanted to make you aware of the validity period for the visa, which is 30 days from the date of issue. To ensure a hassle-free experience during your stay in India, we strongly recommend applying for your visa well ahead of time and following all entry requirements stated on the visa form. Good luck!